Winning Start for 1NE GS

Mon 6th Nov 2017 - 6:17am : Rocket League

In their first week as official 1NE players team 1NE: GS managed to complete the double on 4 November winning both the RLA Community cup #31 as well as the first ever Vapour 2v2 Legends Asia tournament.


RLACC #31:

RLACC 31 saw 13 Teams enter the 3v3 tournament and 1NE:GS with Kanra, Yuhi, Shaolon Hageoyazi managed to go through the groups and playoff stages without dropping a series. Beatin OCE+ Rep featuring 1NE member Juxta 3-1 in the finals. Full bracket.

This was the teams first 3v3 tournament together with the new roster and although still finding their feet as a team they managed to showcase great mechanical skills as well as some amazing teamplays. 1NE: GS is already showing why 1NE decided to sign them with an eye on future tournament successes. 

Full vod here


Vapour Esports 2v2 Legends Asia #1:

Directly following the RLACC was the new 2v2 Vapour tournament with their first ever Legends tournament. Despite having played 4+ hours in the 3v3 1NE entered 3 teams and managed to place as follows:

1st: 1NE: GS A with Kanra and Shaolon

3rd: 1NE with Misty and Juxta

4th: 1NE: GS B with Yuhi and Hageoyazi

Full bracket.

Full vod here





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